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Dating platform that is truly unique and cannot be compared with any other existing online dating sites

BeautifulPeople Overview

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  • The unique registration process on BeautifulPeople
  • Huge audience base
  • Extremely popular on the global scale
  • Impressively high member activity
  • Manual verification assures no fake users
  • Messaging is a free feature
  • Balanced age distribution
  • Photo privacy allowed
  • Apps for Android and iOS
  • Membership procedure is uncommon and difficult
  • A process that requires convincing members for approval
  • The full website with its complete access is only available for the approved members of BeautifulPeople
  • Profiles are not very informative
  • Slow app
  • Poor performing mobile app
  • Subscription plans are on the higher side of the scale

The Unique Process Of The Dating Site

BeautifulPeople is a dating platform that is truly unique and cannot be compared with any other existing online dating sites. Created by the trio Kasper Lausen, Kasper Hjorth, and Robert Hintze, BeautifulPeople was first launched in 2002 in Denmark. But because of its warm acceptance and growing popularity in the young audience, the makers expanded the dating site to the United States and the United Kingdom in 2005. And by the end of 2009, the site had opened its arms for the global audience.

The broad and super fast acceptance of the dating site is due to the unique idea BeautifulPeople is based on. The site requires applicants to apply for membership, just like a job. It is the already existing members on the site based on the uploaded photos and their personality described in their about deciding whether or not to accept the applicant. Applicants get 48 hours to convince the members of their worth, and because that’s genuinely less time, the photographs and description play a critical role in it. And let’s not forget the name of the website says it all. And although the membership system is enough for the attraction, much of its popularity can be credited to the platform’s controversies. While some were due to its community entrance exam system, others were about the hacking breach to get through the system that eventually leaked user data.

The Unique Process Of The Dating Site

Registration Made Simple

The registration process is a simple yet unique way to get into the dating platform. However, it does not assure your membership right away. Every new user is required to fill in a small form that asks for general information like user name, email id, password, gender, age, and zip code for the location. While this section can be avoided using the Facebook login, the next section is a necessary step that you will land up to even if you opt for a faster social login. The particular after the basic form asks for the user’s sexuality and net worth. There are other questions as well in the segment, and none of which can be skipped for later attempts. After filling in the primary and more personal information about self, the user needs to mention then why they are willing to join the online community on BeautifulPeople.

There are options available for this answer; the user just needs to select the correct answer, and if required, can select all as well. The completion of the application form completes the registration process. The next step requires the user to verify their email id by clicking on the verification link sent by the dating site on their email id. After confirming their email id, users are taken to their dashboards, where they are asked to upload their profile photo. It is only after successfully uploading a profile photo does the time starts. BeautifulPeople gives each user 48hours, where the registered and approved members of the dating community vote for the user. After the completion of the 48 hours, BeautifulPeople decides whether or not the user will be accepted as a member.

Registration Made Simple

Interface & Quality Of Users Profiles

Although the user profiles on the dating site are not detailed, the Profile Interface on BeautifulPeople is extended and consists of eight sections. While the first section is what we understand by the user profile, the other sections mix different features and pieces of information about the user. While every user is given access to the profile section almost instantly after completing the registration process, users are not allowed to edit it until they get membership approval on BeautifulPeople. Here are the eight sections on the user profiles of BeautifulPeople.

Section 1- The Header shows the Introduction

The Introduction enlists the necessary information about the user, like his or her profile photograph, user name, height, weight, location distance, and last login time.

Section 2- Getting in touch

It is the section that shows you all the options of communications available on the site. The section consists of four buttons, while the first lead to messaging, the second opens up the chat screen. There is a third and fourth as well that shows interest in the person. While the third button sends the user a wink, the last button adds the user to your favorite list.

Section 3- Gallery

The third section is the photo gallery and garners the most amount of attention for the obvious reasons. The gallery has all the photos a user uploads on BeautifulPeople. However, one can change the uploads’ privacy settings, which blurs the images for people the user does not want to share their photographs with on the dating site.

Section 4- Reason for joining

The very next section highlights the reason the user has joined the dating platform, giving the viewer the user’s intention. Matching intentions increases compatibility. The intentions may vary from making business or social connections, finding dates to finding invites for parties and events.

Section 5- Background Information

The section shows every user’s information in terms of his or her background, physical appearance, and even lifestyle.

Section 6- Bio

It is the part of the user profile in a paragraph form and is entirely controlled by the user. The section speaks volumes about the user because of the words they use to express themselves. While some make it extremely interesting, others can be boring.

Section 7- Hobbies & Interests

After a section for self-description comes another that digs into the user’s personality through their interests. However, this part is optional. Users who do not add in their choices for the section don’t have a separate section mentioning their interests.

Section 8- Sidebar consists of actions

The final section is the sidebar that consists of some of the significant buttons. The block and report buttons are stacked onto the sidebar of the user profile on BeautifulPeople. Right in front of the eyes. So, you make sure to report the profile right away if you find suspicious behavior. But apart from the block, the thumbnails and links to similar profiles are also showcased in the sidebar.

Aside from everything mentioned above, a new user can also try to get a verified status. In such a case, one has to go through a rigorous verification process to get one badge, although the effort might be worth the effect.

Interface & Quality Of Users Profiles

Matchmaking And Connections

Contacting features are exclusively available for the approved members on the BeautifulPeople dating website. However, there is a restriction, as well. Although the dating site allows some contacting features, the main features are locked away for premium members. In simple words, the applicants can’t participate and use the site until they get approved. In contrast, the approved members get to send winks and add users to their favorite list. However, to send messages and access the chatbox, approved members need to buy one of the available premium membership on BeautifulPeople for full website access.

Although BeautifulPeople motivates standard members to verify their accounts by giving them access to the messaging feature for free after verification. All standard members get access to new search filters and the different highlighted members on the dating site. Not to forget, browsing through the profiles and viewing photo galleries of users is free as well. And, of course, voting for new applicants is almost given to the community members like their birthright. The members can vote for an applicant based on the photo they see with options like No, Absolutely Not, Hmm OK, or Beautiful. Only after one vote will he or she get to see the voting trend on the user’s profile.

Matchmaking And Connections

Distribution & Details Of Registered Members

BeautifulPeople, ever since its launch in 2002, has only seen good times and rising popularity across age groups, genders, and even locations. The dating platform boasts of a whopping one million audiences across the globe showing immense variety in terms of age, race, ethnicity, and sexuality. The gender, however, is surprisingly balanced; that is another reason why BeautifulPeople shows an incredible activity rate. Although the dating site has shown to pick up pace everywhere, few countries like the US, the United Kingdom, and Brazil make the most amount of popularity growth.

Age Distribution Of Registered Users

The idea around which the dating site is based makes the BeautifulPeople more popular amongst the young crowd. It is an exciting thing for the youth to be obsessed with their looks and impress others with their words and style. The very reason why the popular age group in BeautifulPeople is 25 to 35 yrs. However, the other age groups make their appearances on the platform as well. Although not as much as those below 35 yrs. Slowly, with the increasing amount of popularity, the other age groups seem to show interest in the community. Especially for the different intentions, one may join BeautifulPeople is showing changing trends in the age graph for the higher age groups.

Age Distribution Of Registered Users

Sexual Orientation Of The Audience

BeautifulPeople is open and accepting about different sexualities and thus allows people to have all types of sexual preferences on its platform. It is the face that becomes the deciding factor for the exclusive membership and entry to the community of BeautifulPeople and not the sexual orientation of the person. And although heterosexuals do show the majority on the site, just like most popular dating sites, the dating site can be engaging for other sexualities. Thanks to the not extremely disappointing numbers in the other sexualities.

The Different Ethnicities

Ethnicity and racial difference or more like variety is the spice of the BeautifulPeople, and instead of any globally accepted dating platform. It makes the audience varied and well distributed for all types of people and shows its acceptability in different cultures, and defines success for the dating site. Thus, it is the case with BeautifulPeople that despite dominating Caucasians due to the site’s popularity in the US and UK, it shows a considerable percentage of Blacks, Australians, and Asians amongst its audience as well.

Commonly Followed Religion On The Plaform

Being popular globally, BeautifulPeople shows a variety of religion amongst its broad audience. Catholics show a clear dominance considering the high number of people from the United States, United Kingdom, and Brazil, where the majority of the population follows Christianity. However, other religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Sikhism, and Islam also make their presence felt on the platform quite reasonably. All thanks to the warm acceptance and absorbance of the dating site on the global level.

Commonly Followed Religion On The Plaform

BeautifulPeople Exclusive, And Uniquely Special Features

Although the very registration process is the unique selling point for BeautifulPeople, there are a few other features that one may want to look at:


Forums always aid in communication and ease of networking. It gives users a reason to communicate and share their opinion on a specific topic that is being discussed and attract the attention of like-minded people in the process.


Events are the big reason why many new users join BeautifulPeople. The members are known to announce the events they are organizing and send out invites allowing many to socialize with the right people.


Rating is the process every applicant gets entry to the dating site. Once accepted as a member, the user gets to play the game and vote for the new applicants, and check out the interesting ones in the process.

Can The Dating Platform Be Considered Safe?

BeautifulPeople, apart from doing an email verification, pushes its members for user verification. The manual user verification system on the dating platform is a strict process. Still, the site motivates its userbase for taking it by giving them free access to messaging, which is a paid feature in exchange. With the unique tactics and popularity among the real audience, BeautifulPeople has maintained an excellent profile quality even though there are some fake profiles in the audience base. However, the numbers are less, and the verification badge can be a determiner for looking for a good crowd for networking and dates.

Should One Be Scared Of Scams On The Site?

BeautifulPeople has no running scams on its platform; it is a legit dating cum social networking site for global users across different age groups. However, the dating site does have a few fake profiles that BeautifulPeople cannot guarantee; thus, being careful is the only way to get protection from them. As the dating platform has a strict verification system, trusting the profiles with verified badges only can be a way through online safety.

Should One Be Scared Of Scams On The Site?

Subscription Plans, Types, And Prices

The approved members on BeautifulPeople require premium membership to get full access to the dating platform. While there are a few features that one can access through standard or free membership, the most important ones are locked away for the premium members. One can purchase one of the three available plans from the BeautifulPeople site using their Credit Card or PayPal account to enjoy premium features. Here is a comparison is made in the sections below for you to know the features you need to pay for on BeautifulPeople.

Features Available For Free Members

While getting approved and reaching the second step from an Applicant to an Approved Member might seem like an achievement, and indeed it is, it is not everything. The approval gives the user access to the website’s basics with hardly a few features to use. Here is a list of services and features available for free on BeautifulPeople:

  • Registration
  • Profile setup
  • Photo upload
  • Profile editing
  • Rate applicants
  • Winks
  • Create a list of favorites
  • Unlimited browsing

Features Available For Paid Members

BeautifulPeople can be a great experience but only with a premium membership. A purchase of a premium subscription can change the dating site’s experience to a considerable extent. Although the price range of the plans is not very pocket-friendly, the long list of features the membership comes with makes money worth the experience. Here is the list of features that one needs to pay for on BeautifulPeople.

  • Messaging
  • Ask for access to private photos
  • Live chat
  • Access the list of people who voted you as Beautiful
  • Access the scoring
  • Get access to forums
  • Get notified when someone adds you to their favorite
  • Access the list of people showing interest in your user profile

Here is the list of available plans the users on BeautifulPeople can purchase to access all the above mentioned paid features and elevate their experience on the dating site.

BeautifulPeople Premium Plans & Prices
Expiry Rate Per Month Price
One Month $ 24.99 $ 24.99
Three Months $ 16.99 $ 50.97
Six Months $ 12.49 $ 74.94

Features Available For Paid Members

Interface & Design Of Website

The BeautifulPeople website has quite some features to offer its users, especially notifications, browsing history, favorite lists, different types of members, etc. The site organizes each of the crucial sections in different tabs for ease of access because of the various services and features. The navigation on BeautifulPeople is clean and straightforward to understand, while the design is modern and stylish to suit the needs of today’s generation.

The Mobile Dating App

BeautifulPeople has mobile apps for its mobile users. The apps are available for free downloads on both the Apple App Store for iOS users and Google Play Store for Android users. And although mobile apps are meant for easy remote usage and better user experience, it does the opposite for BeautifulPeople. While on the one hand, the loading time is high on the app, impacting the platform’s performance and experience; on the other hand, it is devoid of many features. There are many features available on the website that are not available on the BeautifulPeople app, along with the slow app performance that makes it disappointing. However, the only ray of sunshine about the BeautifulPeople dating app is that the subscription plans cost less on the app.

Details Of Contact

Company Name: Beautiful Networks LLC

Address: 16192 Coastal Hwy Lewes, DE 19958, US

Phone: N/A

Email: [email protected]

Final Words

Although BeautifulPeople does give the presumption of allowing people only with beautiful faces, it is not true. Beautiful personalities play an equally important role in impressing people on the dating site. And while it is regarded as a unique dating site that requires membership approval, BeautifulPeople is a social-networking platform that people join with different intentions.

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