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Connecting Singles Overview

Connecting Singles
Connecting Singles
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Connecting Singles
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  • 100% free dating app/website service on the internet
  • Advanced search options
  • Usage of the personal mobile app that keeps you connected on the go
  • Reassurance through verified profiles only
  • Not a lot of exciting features
  • There is no live chat option.
  • Very crowded features on the app that makes it challenging to navigate through
  • Scrolling down to find the most necessary features in the app

How does it work?

Connecting Singles is a 100% free website and app with a ton of quality features aiming to make it easier to connect with people around the world. You can profile yourself to suit what you are exactly looking for and make it appealing to your potential partner. Regardless of how many times you have failed at finding someone, this is a hunt that never stops. With the features of Connecting Singles, this process becomes easier and time times faster.

If finding someone is not what you are after, the site has your back. You can also form meaningful friendships and other connections if you want.

How does it work?

Sign-Up & Login Process

The sign-up process is easy and takes less than five minutes to achieve. Starting a profile on Connecting Singles is as simple as just owning a Facebook account or an email address. After this, you are prompted to add basic information about yourself like, your country, city, birthday, and gender. However, you will have to wait for 24 hours to allow time for your profile to be verified. You can continue updating your profile with standardized questions that require 50 long character answers. There are certain restrictions that you will have to keep in mind before entering your information. At no time should you give out personal information like contact numbers, credit card numbers, bank details, addresses, or names of your children? By doing so, you will automatically be violating the rules of the site.

Profile interface

The profile is easy to navigate through. You can find the buttons there that allow you to communicate with the owner of the profile. In the profile, you can find such buttons as: “Send a message,” “Like,” “Send Flower,” “Contact Requirements.” If you wish to contact the person you like, you should read the criteria set by the owner of the profile below the “Contact Requirements” button and understand if you meet his or her requirements.


You are not restricted to talking to only certain genders or certain age groups of people. However, the site will match you with people whose expectations align with yours.


Members structure and activities

Connecting Singles receives traffic from about 75,000 people a month, with most of its users from males at 56% and 44% of females and 31% of the users in the age of 35 to 49. The site receives a variety of users from the age of 18 to 55. Connecting Singles does not discriminate based on ethnicity or religion. However, 82% of the viewers are caucasian, 12% are African American, and the rest accounts for Asian, Hispanic, and other ethnicities. The majority of the users are single with no history of prior marriages; however, 21% of them have children. Connecting Singles does not differentiate between their users, so everyone can find someone they like.

Users age

You have to be at least 18 years of age, if not older, especially if your country has a greater legal age.

Sexual preferences

The site is open to people with all sexual preferences, and everybody can register on Connecting Singles without fear of judgment.

Race And Ethnicity

This platform accepts all races and ethnicities. You do not need to be of a certain ethnicity or race to sign up and start connecting with other singles just like you.

Religious Orientation

There are no specifications on your religious orientations; people are open to anything and have an open-minded approach in forming connections.

Religious Orientation

Connecting Singles dating website features

Connecting Singles comes with many different and free features that would either blow your mind or deem it too unnecessary and confusing. A few features are listed below.

Your very own site page

By becoming a member of Connecting Singles, you gain your site page. From this page, you will post blogs, photos, polls, videos, or create ecards for your friends. You can choose who to add to this page and a separate admin page to manage all this. Your friends can contact you, send you flowers, rate your photos, leave comments, etc. This is also the page that allows other users to search for you and find you.


Forums are a great platform that allows you to get to know members, make friends, and debate a wide range of issues ranging from dating to politics. You have the liberty to start a thread or just take part in existing ones. This is a great way to have meaningful, valuable conversations that add to more than just connecting with a partner.


Blogs serve as another way to express yourself and maybe even teach others valuable lessons you have learned from the mistakes you have made. It opens doors to other sides of you that may not come about in a normal conversation, thereby developing a deeper connection.

Rate Photos

On Connecting Singles, you can rate photos of other members and enjoy getting your photos rated. It is an indirect way to boost your confidence. This allows other people to find you via search or just to let them know that you exist and are interested in what they are showing you.


A very similar aspect of blogging is the ability and forum for you to show how passionate you are about poems and expression. The Connecting Singles Poet corner does exactly that and makes your piece open for feedback from other writers. They offer you fun and creative formatting options that make it appealing and eye-catching to other members.


If you have formed connections with a few members, you can send them an eCard. This is an especially great feature to use when you want to wish someone a happy birthday. You have the option to create customized cards or choose one from the variety of options available already. Additionally, Connecting Singles gives you the option to add music, which makes it more personalized.


Polls are an interesting way that lets you take surveys on topics you are interested in to find other people’s opinions. This allows you to impress and form connections with other members by either creating a poll that will appear in a forum thread or where members can vote and leave a comment there itself.


Connecting Singles allows members to post videos of their own and watch other videos as well. Members can watch, comment, and share your video using this feature.

Who saw your profile?

If you are curious about who has viewed your profile and has shown some interest in you, this feature is perfect for you. This feature allows others to see if you have enough interest in their page, and it also shows you who has viewed yours. It presents you with an opportunity to send flowers to someone who has viewed your page to initiate conversation. It is a free feature to use and adds a lot of value to your dating game.


If you are big on gaming, the site provides you with an opportunity to keep yourself entertained while waiting for matches. You can play free online games or compete with other members for high scores in the single-player games. You can also invite other members or groups to meet and play games like Pool, Spades, Checkers, or other multiplayer games.

Profile Reviews

You can post a request for a review and get helpful tips on your profile if you want to ensure that your profile gives off the best first impression and what they think of your profile.

Religious Orientation

Safety & Security

Being paranoid about your safety on the internet is a given, so it is important to read the privacy policy of any site before signing up.


At Connecting Singles, you can be assured that your safety is their utmost priority. With a 24 hour verification period for each member, you can be sure that you are not being scammed. The strict age restriction of 18-year-olds makes it adult proof. The website’s initial warning in not including personal information such as your full name, names of your children, addresses, etc., adds to an already tight-knit secure experience. You do not even need to switch to other apps or share your email to chat with the person you are interested in.

Is Connecting Singles legit or scam service?

Yes, the website and mobile application are legit. If you are looking to connect with other singles, this is a very safe site for you to connect with other people similar to you.

Subscription types and price

The whole website and mobile application are free. You can access any of the features without having to pay extra money.

Free membership

There are many features on this site, and lucky for you, all of them are free.

The most sought after features of this site are the forums, the blogs, and the profile viewing features. Many users like the game’s feature, too, and seem to have fun with it. The site’s main target is to help singles connect, and they achieved it by making sure users can customize how they want to portray themselves while having the security. Connecting Singles is a great website for people who want to find someone similar to them.

Free membership

There is no paid membership option as the main goal behind Connecting Singles is to provide all the features of a dating site for free to all users.

Website design and usability

The website’s design is clear and attractive. The site is easy to navigate through, and all the features are self-explanatory. The website has all the features you could probably want in a dating site and more without paying extra for any other convenience.

Mobile application

The Connecting Singles mobile application is available only on android devices to download for free. While the design is clear and eye-catching, the app is very crowded by the excess features it provides. The app is essentially the browser version of the website, minus the user-friendliness of the website. It is not very functional as you will have to scroll through many features before finding what you want. It is also comparatively slow and takes a lot of bandwidth. Using the Connecting Singles website on your mobile phone is the best way to have a great user experience.

Contact information

There is a contact us page on the site where you can report or ask for any clarification.

Company: Connecting Singles. Inc

Address: 10743 St. Paul, MN 55110 USA

Contact information


If you are single and willing to mingle, Connecting Singles is a great option for you to choose. With so many different features to engage in, it makes dating fun and the process of finding a date enjoyable with the overwhelming amount of features that make the site cluttered and confusing to navigate. This is a great site for connecting with other singles from all over the world. Many people enjoy the all-free access to the site and mobile application for convenient dating.

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