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Happn matches you with the people you cross paths with daily, which means if you are currently within up to 250 meters with someone, you will see those people in your timeline. You can like them secretly or without hiding your feelings.

Happn Overview

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  • If you met someone nice, but you are not sure they liked you back, you can always secretly like your adoration object, and they will find out about you only if they like you too
  • The application is possible to download on both Android and iOS devices
  • You see another person's workplace, so you can find out more about them before you hit them up
  • Matching based on the proximity can lead to an awkward situation afterward if things between you two do not go well
  • The whole idea of Happn might not be the best one, if you prefer matching based on personality compatibility or other algorithms

At first glance, Happn seems to be one of many other dating sites that offers the same services as the rest do. But do not hurry to leave that soon, because if you have ever been in the situation that you met somebody’s eyes but did not dare to say hi and ask out for a date, then Happn is the right thing for you. This service matches users close to each other (the least 250 m). Stay tuned for more information, check out the major advantages and disadvantages of the site to understand its value.

How Does It Work?

Happn matches you with the people you cross paths with daily, which means if you are currently within up to 250 meters with someone, you will see those people in your timeline. You can like them secretly or without hiding your feelings.

Sign-Up And Login Process

Sign-Up And Login Process

Getting started with Happn is a piece of cake, and even a child will register on the site. You can do that in two ways, either with your phone number or Facebook profile. If you go with the second option, then you have to be ready to share personal details from the Facebook account, like first and last name, birthday, and sex. Upon registration, you will be asked to add some information about your education, occupation, and few words you feel like telling about what kind of person you are. However, no worries – it is up to you, and you do not have to do that, unless you want it.

Profile Interface

It is hard to call Happn accounts informative, since they contain tiny details about the person you are hitting up. The most basic info is displayed, such as the profile photo, name, age, sex, occupation, and schooling, when the user was last seen online and a little information about themselves they may have added or not.

You can add no more than 9 pictures to your account or export them from your Facebook or Instagram profiles.

Adding all the mentioned info is not mandatory to fill out. Simultaneously, writing up a few lines and uploading a couple of pictures will help other people understand you a bit better, and find common ground to start a conversation.

Also, it was a bit disappointing to find out that Happn does not require verification, as it indeed leads to a higher amount of fake profiles. However, none were noticed while using the Happn service. If you happen to come across one, you should always report those to prevent other users from running into those.

Matches And Communication

It is worth beginning with the fact that Happn does not traditionally offer the search feature. As an alternative, it suggests matches based on their location, to be precise – their proximity to you, and some preferences regarding the person type you can adjust. Another interesting feature about Happn is that you cannot message someone on the site unless you first liked each other. If you want to go the shortest way, you can simply view those who already liked you and like them back, so you could text them right away. It should be noted, though, that this lovely function is available only if you have a premium subscription.

You can also initiate communication with the Hello feature. By sending such a hello, you will let the user know that you would like to get them a bit better. Once you move your conversation further, you can try talking through video call, which is free for the first five minutes.

Members Structure And Activities

Members Structure And Activities

Overall, around 50 million people joined the Happn platform, and surprisingly enough, the big part of them are active on the site and do not plan to leave it. Members are located all around the globe. However, most of them are based in English-speaking countries like the USA, Canada, the UK, and others.

Happn seems to be more popular among people of 25-34 years old, but there is no limit up when it comes to the age of the users.

Users Age

There is no maximum age limit when it comes to signing up with Happn. However, you must be at least 18 years old if you want to join the site, otherwise you will not be allowed to benefit from the service.

Sexual Preferences

People of all sexual orientations are welcome on the platform. Happn tolerates all its users regardless of their sexuality. The only thing you need to do is to indicate the gender of the people you have crossed the paths with. Once you do that, you will only be suggested members of the preferred sex.

Race And Ethnicity

There are no prejudices regarding the color of your skin or your ethnic background. Moreover, you do not even need to indicate this information about yourself as it is not mandatory. It is a great thing if you do not feel comfortable being chosen by someone in the app judging by your ethnic roots.

Religious Orientation

Christian, Muslim, Buddhist – none of those or any other religious beliefs do not define your position on Happn. What only matters is your readiness to get along well with people you met your eyes with at least once in real life online.

Happn Dating Website Features

Happn Dating Website Features

There are not many unique functions on Happn. However, the existing ones make the experience on the site and general impression much better. Below you will find the quick overview of the most essential Happn features.


This function allows other people to know you are down for a chat with them. The only drawback that you are granted with ten free hellos. If you want to have an unlimited amount of those, you need to upgrade your account to a premium version.

Voice Messages

Sometimes it takes a few seconds to hear another person’s voice to fall in love. With the function of voice messages in Happn, you have this opportunity.

Video Call

If there are not enough voice messages for you, you can always go with the video call and see someone cute on the other side. Note that if you wish to look at them as long as you want to, then you should buy a paid subscription.

My Music Selection

For some of the people, it is crucial, so their partner share their music interests. For that, you can link your Spotify account, and other members on Happn will be able to see everything you share there – your playlists, favorite artists, bands, people you follow, etc.

I’m up for

Probably, the most amusing thing on the site. You can let other people know that you are down for a drink, dinner or cinema within the next six hours. Interested will come back to you with the offer to go out if they are up for the same. It also works likewise – if you find someone willing to take a walk tonight, you can hit them up.

Safety And Security

Safety And Security

Naturally, when you know you get matched based on your position, you may find it a bit scary, since another person can find your exact location. But it is too soon to worry, because Happn only disclose that you are within 250 meters radius, but never tells where precisely. Besides, it keeps your personal data synchronized with your Facebook account details secure, using all the available technical and human resources.

Is Happn Legit Or Scam Service?

Happn was founded in February 2014 and since then gained trust from more than 50 million people all over the world by helping them to connect the people they meet every day while commuting. So yes, Happn is a completely legit dating site where you can confide your personal details without worrying about safety.

Subscription Types And Price

Subscription Types And Price

Basically, Happn is a free dating site, and you can use most of its features for free. But it also offers some extra functions that make the time on the site pass nicer for a fixed fee. Nevertheless, it is not obligatory to buy a paid package and totally up to you.

Free Membership

There are plenty of things you can do without paying additional money on Happn such as:

  • registering on the site;
  • use the basic matching;
  • looking through the user accounts on the site;
  • change your profile status.

If you decide to go with the premium account and the free features, you will also be able to do the following:

  • use the dating site ad-free;
  • send up to 10 Hellos per day;
  • view the users who liked you;
  • hide some vital account details from other users;
  • schedule browsing in Incognito mode;
  • go back to the skipped profile.

Buying a paid account is rather expensive. For one month you will have to pay $24.99, for six months – $89.99, for a year plan you will pay $119.99, You can purchase the premium package with any of the preferred payment method: credit or debit card (all payment systems are accepted), Paypal or a mobile phone. You can ask for a refund directly from the Happn customer support if you use the Android device or Apple if your device is on iOS.

Website Design And Usability

Website Design And Usability

The Happn dating service does not have a website. You can only get redirected to the link on App Store or Play Market to download the app and find basic information like a FAQ or Privacy Policy.

Mobile Application

The app is available for all people, since you can find it in the AppStore and Play Market. It should be noted that the application does not take too much space, which makes it possible to get even on the phone with very little memory left. Also, the Happn app is responsive and does not malfunction, which does not spoil the user experience. Note that even if you exit the app, it will continue using your location to search for matches. Unless you want to keep it, you should either enable the Invisibility Mode or temporarily turn off the location services for this app.

The Happn app looks neat and user-friendly, minimalistic, yet modern. Dominant colors are blue and white, making the general look of the application pleasant for an eye.

Contact Information

Contact Information

Company: HAPPN

Address: 8 Rue du Sentier, 75002, Paris, France

E-mail: [email protected]



All in all, Happn is a great online dating service for those who are too shy to ask a person out for a date in real life, despite meeting eyes with somebody every morning on the train on their way to work. The site allows you to hit up the people in the proximity of up to 250 meters from you. Simple, yet understandable design and intuitive interface make it a great possibility to meet someone nice if you are tired of meaningless texting on various dating services with people overseas and want to meet someone close to you. So if you were thinking about trying Happn out, do not think, try out.

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