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Platform believes that everyone deserves a chance to find true love for themselves without paying for it

Luvfree Overview

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  • The Luvfree website is entirely free and does not demand any hidden charges for its users
  • The website offers decent features for searching for other members that can be easily used by everyone
  • You can communicate with fellow members through direct messages
  • The customer support team of Luvftee reviews new accounts on this website to reduce the number of fake accounts
  • The users on this platform are quite active and give quick responses
  • The appearance of the Luvfree website is quite outdated, which makes it unattractive for young members
  • The website lacks many advanced features of communication, such as instant messenger
  • The mobile version of the Luvfree website is not well updated

The majority of online dating websites provide their services on a chargeable basis. There are very few online dating websites that extend its services to the users for free of cost; one such free online dating website is Luvfree. This platform believes that everyone deserves a chance to find true love for themselves without paying for it, and with this concept, the online dating platform Luvfree was launched. This Luvfree review aims at covering all the essential information about the free online dating website.

Luvfree Review

How does it work?

Luvfree is a free online dating website launched in 2007 to help single men and women find their perfect partners. For more than a decade, Luvfree is offering free dating services to its members, and there is no hidden charge on the website. The website earns revenue from showing advertisements to targeted audiences. The mobile version of the Luvfree website is not updated correctly. Thus, it is better to use the Luvfree app on your mobile or tablet to access this platform. The appearance of this website is a bit old school. This free website comes with basic yet useful features to communicate with fellow members.

Once you successfully sign up on the website, you can find your potential matches and send messages to your liked members on your profile.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Though Luvfree is a free dating website, a person needs to register on this platform to access the site’s detailed pages and send messages to fellow members. In the registration process, you just need to complete a form with basic information to complete it. The form will ask you to provide general information such as name, location, zip code, birth date, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Once you complete the form, a confirmation link will be sent to the user’s email address. By clicking on the confirmation link, a user will complete his or her registration process.

After the registration process is complete, the profile will be reviewed by the customer support team of Luvfree. If the profile gets approved, it will become visible to fellow members on the platform. The review procedure takes at least four hours to be completed, although Luvfree suggests that it can take up to 12 hours. The review process of Luvfree is remarkable in reducing the number of fake profiles and scams on this free dating platform.

After the successful registration of an account, the user can access the website anytime by logging in with the chosen username and password.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Profile interface

As the customer support team of Luvfree manually checks the users’ profiles on the Luvfree website, the website does not contain a lot of fake profiles.

A user can upload up to 30 photographs on their Luvfree profile. Besides basic information such as location, name, and age, a user can add information about his or her hobbies, interests, criteria of the preferable partner, etc. A detailed profile helps users to find better matches for themselves.


As soon as your registration process gets completed, you can start looking for matches and make communications with other members on the Luvfree website.

Luvfree offers basic yet useful search filters that can help you to get suitable matches quickly. The user can set their search filters according to location, age group, gender, ethnicity, religion, and the relationship for which they are looking. Types of relationships may include marriage, long term or casual relationships, activity partners, etc. Also, one user can build different kinds of relationships on this website. The search filters provide users with a considerable amount of potential matches.

Apart from applying different types of search filters to find potential matches, a user can use the “quick search “option to perform a fast searching process. The “quick search” option requires a user to put his or her gender and the gender of the person for whom he or she is looking. Both the search filters and quick search options provide a list of members. While scrolling down the list, you can see the profile picture and general information about the person. If you want to know about a profile in detail, you need to click on it to get a full view of the profile. You can also send the person direct messages to contact him or her. If you find any user to be abusive, you can block him or her. To show your interest in a particular member, a user can send him or her virtual kisses. Like social media sites, one can send friend requests to the liked members. Also, you can add attractive members to your hotlist. At the bottom part of every user’s profile page, a stamp can be found. This stamp is used to indicate the date and time the user last logged into the website. This stamp helps you to understand the active members on this platform.

The messaging feature on this platform works like the messaging function on email. There is a live chat option, as well. The communication method of Luvfree is quite useful, which enables users to communicate according to their preferences.


Members structure and activities

Most of the members here are looking for marriage and long term relationships. More than 85% of the members are regularly active on the website. As the site is available in the USA, so there are mostly single American men and women. You can take the help of search filters and messages to communicate with your potential matches. A user can participate in live chats to communicate better and send virtual kisses to convey his or her interest. The website has more than 1 million users and one of the most popular dating websites in the US.

Users age

A user must be at least 18 years old to get legally registered on this platform. Most of the members on this website fall under the age group of 25 to 35. They are busy working professionals who want to find partners for themselves through a digital medium.

Sexual preferences

The Luvfree website caters its services to heterosexuals as well as LGBTQ people. Thus, you can find a partner from both the opposite and the same gender.

Race And Ethnicity

The races of the members on this website are white and black. You can find people of diverse backgrounds such as American, European, Filipino, and Russian. The varied and large user base helps build exceptional communication where a user can contact various people.

Race And Ethnicity

Religious Orientation

The religion of the members on this site is mostly Christian, but there are other religions, including Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, etc.

Luvfree dating website features

  1. Useful Search Filters: Luvfree offers ordinary yet easily applicable search filters that support the user in finding ideal matches for themselves. A user is capable of setting up their search filters according to their preferences. The search options locational include age group, gender, ethnicity, religion, and the kind of relationship they wish to have. The different types of relationships can be marriage, long term or casual relationships, and activity partners. One user can associate himself or herself with different kinds of relationships on this website. Through the help of these search filters, one can find suitable matches based on their criteria.
  2. Quick Search Method: Besides using the different types of search filters to look for potential matches, a user can also apply the “quick search “feature for performing a fast and convenient search. Using the “quick search” option, a user just must enter his or her gender and the gender of the person for whom he or she is searching.
  3. Search Results: A list of members is given in case of both search filters and quick search. When you scroll down the list, you will see the person’s profile picture and general details. In case you wish to know about a person, in particular, you need to click on the profile to get a complete view of the profiles. Direct messages can also be sent to the person to contact him or her. An abusive user can be blocked as well.
  4. Communication System: Luvfree provides the option of sending virtual kisses. Much like the feature of social networking sites, you can send friend requests to fellow members. If you like a member on the website, you can send him or her a friend request. The website does not have an instant messenger, but you can send direct messages to your preferable users. The message system of this website is similar to email. Live chat and video options are also available to make communication more exciting.
  5. Adding to Hotlist: A hotlist is provided to include your most liked members. If you add someone to your hotlist, it becomes easy to navigate him or her.
  6. Blogs: The blog of Luvfree has significant resources about online dating. The blog posts help you know the current online dating trends and make you more comfortable. The blog is also free, and even you can access it as a guest audience on the site without even logging in. The blog provides handy tips to the people.
Luvfree dating website features

Safety & Security

The guidelines for using the website as a registered member are provided on the site in detail. Luvfree suggests that users make careful interaction with other members on the profile so that they do not face any trouble. Also, posting abusive content on the website is strictly prohibited so that the environment of the site remains suitable for the users.

According to the website’s privacy policy, public information such as name, age, location, and hobbies are displayed on the user’s profile. In contrast, personal information like an email address will be hidden from public display. The website also asks its users not to disclose personal information such as phone number, email address, contact links, home addresses on the user’s profile, and any unknown member. The chats are encrypted so that any third party cannot misuse the information disclosed in the conversation.

In the “contact us” section of Luvfree, a contact form is provided. The user can enter his or her email address, name, and doubts or issues in the form and submit it. The contact form helps to create direct communication between the users and the customer support team of Luvfree. The customer support team replies to the launched complaints within 24 hours to keep the process fast. Live chat or helpline numbers are not available to contact the customer support team.

Safety & Security

Is Luvfree legit or scam service?

Luvfree is one of the most reliable and genuine online free dating websites offering its services to the members for more than a decade. The site has a significantly low amount of fake profiles or scams because each profile goes through a review process performed by the customer support team of Luvfree. The review process is done meticulously and takes almost 12 hours to complete. Thus, most of the profiles are original. Also, the users are active on this website, and their last time of login also remains mentioned in the profile. The profiles on this website contain enough information and photographs to understand the user’s credibility. As a user of this website, you can avail of the site without any hesitation.

Subscription types and price

Luvfree is a free online dating website that does not need any subscription plan to access the features to its full potential. Users need to go through a manual review process of their profile to become a member of the website.

Subscription types and price

Free Membership

It is a free website where all the features such as search filters, live chats, hotlist, and many more are available at free of cost, and one can access these exciting features as a successfully registered member of this platform.

The website does not have a paid version because it is one of the USA’s most reliable free sites. The website generates revenue from the displayed advertisements. So, a user has to see a lot of ads. The pop-ups are designed for targeted audiences.

Website design and usability

Though the website of Luvfree is not as attractive as the current online dating websites, it is very user friendly and has a clean look. The features are organized in the top bar of the site to navigate them easily. The background color of the website is white. There are other colors used on the website, such as blue and black. Different sections of the site such as Community, Login Page, Quick Search, Dating tips are arranged in separate columns so that the user can easily access it.

The fonts and appearance of the website are not updated according to current trends, but they are easily understandable and give a neat look. The mobile version of the site is not well optimized, so it is better to use the mobile application of Luvfree.

Website design and usability

Mobile application

The website’s mobile app is beneficial for people who want to access the site on the go. The mobile application offers similar features to the desktop version. You can install the mobile app on your android or iOS device for free. The mobile app has a fast loading speed and comes with the same features in a smaller screen.

Contact information

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This detailed Luvfree review article is made to inform people more about the US-based free online dating website. In the final verdict, it can be stated that the site is one of the most genuine free online dating websites in the Us that has created many success stories of American men and women. Since its beginning in 2007, it has gained more popularity and fame over the years. It has a large user base created by single men and women living in the United States. The website offers straight people services and helps to find partners for people belonging to the LGBTQ community. So, if you are an adult single man or woman from the USA who wishes to start his or her romantic life without spending a penny, then there is no better option than Luvfree.

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