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Mixxxer also provides its solutions within the mobile software, can help you find immediate intercourse partner within your location. That is possible due to the fact technology makes use of GPS system to attach people in a detailed territory.

Mixxxer Overview

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  • Mixxxer requires a compulsory email verification
  • Accessible to all genders
  • Free registration
  • Mobile app
  • Swingers are allowed
  • Good place for casual hookups
  • Contact details available for free
  • Not suitable for relationships and serious dating
  • Messaging is a premium feature
  • Fake profiles

How does It Work

Youth today is pretty open about their requirements and needs, including intimate life. Nobody likes to waste time building a fake relationship only to just have sex for once. While many people on dating sites are looking for casual relationships and flings, not many are direct about it. Hence, finding these people becomes extremely difficult. The dating app Mixxxer comes as a solution to the ones who are merely looking for sex. It eases up the process of finding a mate, quick and close to your area, by using your GPS location. Mixxxer comes with a unique set of features to help you find a sex buddy, while some are free, others can be availed with a premium membership. What’s noteworthy in this dating app is that members’ contact information is free, which makes things easy for even the standard users. While it is reasons such as this behind all the buzz, there are also some bad reviews doing rounds. Mixxxer Review digs into the app and brings out the reality to the front.

Sign-up and Login Process

Mixxxer Sign-up and Login Process

Registration on Mixxxer requires its users to follow the same old process of signing up with an email id. There is no social login available for the new users, so every user has to take the route of filling up the application form for the registration. Mixxxer Review finds the process to be easy and fast, considering the fewer number of fields on the application. Apart from mentioning the gender orientation, users need to specify their date of birth, country, a valid email id, and a password. While filling up the simple form kind of completes the registration process on Mixxxer, getting access to the profile requires email verification. It can be done by clicking the link the app sends you to your email.

Profile Interface

Users, after getting access to their accounts, immediately get to fill their user profiles on Mixxxer. However, setting up a profile is not compulsory, The step can be skipped for later, although it is recommended to create the profile right away with as many details as possible. The profile details are used by the Mixxxer algorithm to help members on the dating app find and connect with desired partners in their area as soon as possible. The profiles on the dating app are found to be of pretty good quality and allow free browsing. Unique to the app, Mixxxer gives the users access to the contact information of members for free.


Mixxxer, just like other premium dating platforms, made its chat function available for the paid users. However, there are additional functions that the app offers to make their stay on the platform worthy for free users. The search feature is available for free and can be used to find amazing partners. Features like Blackbook allows users to create a personalized feed full of favorites. Some members are short of time and want to find a partner soon. For them, the open feature of free contact details proves to be helpful, although not everyone keeps their contact details public.

Members Structure and Activities

Mixxxer Members Structure and Activities

Mixxxer has successfully gained a lot of limelight in a few countries specifically. The app caters to approximately 300,000 users from the USA alone. And while many dating apps are claiming to have large numbers of registered users, Mixxxer proves its claims with its high activity rate on its app. Apart from the USA, countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, India, France, and Germany are mostly seen dominating the dating app.

Users Age

Similar to other dating platforms, the eligibility age to enter Mixxxer is 18 years, and there is no upper limit to join the app. The dating platform owing to that, shows an incredibly amazing diversity in terms of age. If the members registered on the app are divided into five age groups, one can see that users across all the age groups are present in large numbers. However, the most popular age group seems to be of the 25-34 years. Although giving it a tough competition, there are two age groups: 18-24 years and 45 to 54 years.

Sexual Preferences

Mixxxer is a rare dating app that allows all types of sexual orientation and genders on its platform. Unlike most popular dating sites, the registration form of Mixxxer offers the most number of options in the gender section. From straight single man and woman, straight couple, lesbian and gay couples to transgender people, the dating app offers a total of six options to choose from that suits them perfectly. However, if the numbers are to be considered, the app shows dominant numbers of straight men on its platform despite the flexibility and allowance of other sexuality.

Race & Ethnicity

Just like the sexual orientation, Mixxxer does not have any restrictions regarding the race and ethnicity of people. Although the dating app is not a niche platform, it is quite open to all types of people across the globe from all backgrounds with the needs of finding a sex buddy. One must understand that Mixxxer, just like Tinder, functions and matches people based on their location. So, the popularity of a certain race or ethnicity may vary from location to location, depending on the population mix of the user’s location.

Religious Orientation

Religious beliefs, just like race and ethnicity, differs from location to location. As for a location-based dating platform, the audience distribution statistics largely change from region to region. So while for most people, this personal information does not matter and is not even comfortable to share, some seem to satisfy their fetishes. In that case, the search filters help users to filter out users based on religion if the users around mention it on their profiles.

Mixxxer Dating Website Features

Mixxxer Dating Website Features

Mixxxer is the perfect dating app for people with erotic desires. The app not only gives a clear message for the new users so that there is no confusion, but the features on the platform make the process fun and fast. Here are a few unique features that users need to keep an eye on:

Personal Contact Details

Unique to the dating site industry, Mixxxer is the only dating app that allows users to update their contact details for the members to see. What’s more surprising is that browsing profiles and viewing the personal contact details are absolutely free. So even though messaging is a premium feature, standard users can use the contact info of members to take the communication to other platforms.

Digital Tease

Digital tease is a premium feature that users can use to let other members know about their interest in them. So it is like a variant of flirt or likes on other dating platforms, only in a fancier form.


While other dating apps and sites allow users to create a favorite list for quick contacts, Mixxxer takes the feature to the next level with the Blackbook. Blackbook is a bookmarking feature that lets the users select their favorite users and get a customized feed with all of their recent updates.

Safety and Security?

Mixxxer Safety and Security?

Mixxxer is a safe and legal dating app available in many countries across the globe. The platform can be trusted and comes with a protected and encrypted payment gateway for secure transactions. The information shared on the platform is not used by the app makers for any purpose. Also, the chat messages are end-to-end encrypted to protect the privacy of the users registered on Mixxxer.

Is Mixxxer Legit or Scam Service?

Despite there being a few complaints of fake users, Mixxxer is not considered to be a scam. The app has its own process of verifying users using their location that keeps suspicious users at bay. Also, the transparency on the platform and the contact information available for free makes the app free from attracting scams.

Subscription Types and Price

Mixxxer Subscription Types and Price

Mixxxer Review reveals that the dating app is a premium service that offers free registration. Despite missing on few paid features, the standard free users can yet make use of the app in their favor with the limited access just fine. However, getting full access requires a subscription on the app.

Free Membership

Standard membership is the type of membership that all members get by default right after the free registration. While the membership gives limited access to the users, here is a list of features users can enjoy on Mixxxer:

The limited access can be removed by upgrading the standard membership by paying for one of the available subscription plans on Mixxxer. But before taking a look at the available plans one can purchase on the dating platform and their prices, one must look at the features they would be paying for.

  • Ad-free platform
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Chat with all members, even if they are standard users
Duration Rates/month Price
One Month $ 7.99 $ 7.99
Three Months $ 6.66 $ 19.99

Website Design & Usability

Mixxxer Website Design & Usability

Mixxxer has a pretty comfortable web version. However, considering the growth and popularity of dating apps, they created an app for people on the go. Also, Mixxxer is available in a mobile web format that allows users to login using the mobile browser.

Mobile Application

Mixxxer comes in a web application format that can only be opened on mobile devices. While one can do the registration on a desktop, the app cannot be used on the desktop. Mixxxer requires a download assuring no chance of embarrassment. It rather needs to be operated using the mobile browser that keeps privacy protected and saves your phone’s space. The design of the interface gives a smooth experience to the users and is very easy to understand. The huge user base across age groups is proof of a great user interface.

Contact Information

  • Company: Socialsoft Networks LLC
  • Address: 1603 Capitol Ave, Suite 310 A130, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001
  • Phone: Not Available
  • Email: [email protected]


Mixxxer Conclusion

Mixxxer has its own sets of pros and cons that make it both a good and bad choice. The good part about the dating platform can be it is one of the rarest dating platforms that are so flexible when it comes to accepting sexual orientation. Another good point about the app is its direct approach for casual daters looking for sex. The clarity is what has made the dating platform gain so much popularity and attention from big youth influencers. However, despite it having such amazing potential, Mixxxer fails at the technical level. By not having a desktop and app version but only a mobile browser version, Mixxxer makes the usage limited.

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