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Online dating apps are no more taboo for the present generation. Hearts

Polish Hearts Overview

Polish Hearts
Polish Hearts
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  • Polish Hearts uses a very simple layout making it easier and less complicated for the users. Finding information and navigating through the site is very simple and needs less effort.
  • The site uses blue, red, and grey colors throughout, making it pleasant and more attractive to the eyes. The colors also cause less strain to the eyes as compared to other colors.
  • The site allows its users to see the list of online people, so that makes their first move.
  • People can also browse through the user’s profiles without having to register.
  • The members have basic and advanced search options available for them to search widely or look for specific interests.
  • Users can add people to the 'remember' list to come back and find the interesting profiles easily.
  • The mobile app is available for android users.
  • The mobile app is available for android users.
  • VIP and Premium memberships of the site are expensive.
  • It does not match suggestions like other dating apps, for those users who find it difficult to go through all the profiles.

Online dating apps are no more taboo for the present generation. It has become something normal and usual, like the traditional way of dating. Dating is no more something that used to happen across a table with a candlelit in between the couples; it has become easier. With the arrival of online dating apps, dating is just a click away, and the choices offered are wide as a sea. Polish Hearts are among such online dating apps with 1.6 million users, which offers its users a perfect place to find their soulmates or even friends. It is a leader in online dating services in countries like the USA, UK, Canada, etc. The services are also available worldwide, allowing people to meet their soulmates who might be miles apart.

Polish Hearts Review

How Does It Work?

Polish Hearts is a very famous online dating site used by more than 1.6 people worldwide. Every day more than 100 new users register on the site and have a good time. The site is made with polish people in mind but is open to non-polish people and has already helped many find their soulmates. Almost 40% of the total number of users are women, and the remaining 60% are men. So clearly, men use the site more than women do. Most of the members also belong to their mid-30s or early 40s of age and search for serious relationships.

Sign-Up & Login Process

The entire signing up process takes less than 4 minutes, and it is as simple as that. The users can start using the features of the site from the very next moment of signing up. Polish Hearts allows the users to sign in via their social media pages too.

The home page of the site gives an option for registration. Once clicked on that, they will ask for your gender. Once this is done, a unique user name must be provided, along with an email id, password, and date of birth. An email with a link will be sent to the email id provided, and clicking on that link will complete the registration process. Once the user has been verified, additional information can be given on the profile.

Profile Interface

Any user who signs in on the website has to give some basic information about themselves. The site uses this information to create a personal profile for the user, which the other users can see and browse through. All interested people can take a look at the site and list of members using it. Anyone can see the username of all the users, but you need a registered profile to talk or chat with users. A premium or VIP membership is required for chatting.

More than dating, the site can be used for making friends too. Anyone can send smileys or gifs to other users. Polish Hearts has a strict security system. They make sure that the users are not fake. If any profile is found to be fake, it will be removed.

Profile Interface


Polish Hearts does not allow everyone to chat with other users. Standard members can send smileys or emoji to whoever they wish but can’t start a genuine conversation without a paid account. To have a conversation with other users, one should have a paid membership. People can choose from the two types of memberships available. Both these memberships offer the facility to chat with anyone over the platform. Standard members can chat for free with users on the site if added to the VIP list by that person.

Members Structure And Activities

As already mentioned, about 1.6 million people use Polish Hearts to make friends and find their perfect match. Most of the site users are from countries like Poland, Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom, even though the site is available worldwide. According to surveys conducted, men outnumber women in site usage, and they make up 60% of the total number of users. So it can be said that the site has a good gender proportion as compared to other famous online dating sites. Most people using the site belong to the mid-30s and early 40s of their age and are therefore on the platform looking for a serious relationship than a friendly or flirty time pass. The site takes proper actions against fake profiles; such profiles are either terminated or rejected from the very beginning.

Users Age

According to surveys, Polish Hearts has users ranging from 18 to 60 of age. Among teenagers, the gender proportion is almost the same, but as age increases, men become more active users than women. Among users with age above 55, there is a shift in the trend. After 55, its women use the site more.

Users Age

Sexual Preferences

The site asks for the sexual orientation of the user during the process of creating a profile itself. The sexual preferences of the users are also asked. It is to find out whether the users are interested in men or women. Thus it is a perfect spot not only for finding matches but also for making friends. People can do specified searches through the site to find people belonging to whatever sexual group or geographical location and make the first move. The sexual orientation of the user also acts as a guide in recognizing fake profiles

Race And Ethnicity

Polish Hearts respect the preferences and needs of its users, no matter whatever that might be. This is one reason why the site asks for the racial preferences of the users. This is not a mandatory fill during signing up and can be skipped if not interested. But this is helpful for all those who are in search of a serious relationship and want their partners to belong to some preferred racial groups.

Religious Orientation

Like racial preference, religious preference is also not a mandatory fill and can be skipped if not interested in revealing about it. It is also a matter of help for those on the site searching for life partners.

Religious Orientation

Polish Hearts Dating Website Features

The site does not show any match suggestion, making it a little difficult for those busy users. It provides different search options like ‘quick search’ and ‘advanced search’ to narrow down the search process. Users can search according to their preferences in various fields and find appropriate profiles using these search options. Some of the special features of the site are:

  • It allows the users to add people to the ‘blacklist.’ People added to the blacklist can no more see or send messages to the person who has blacklisted them. It is almost similar to ‘blocking’ on social media sites.
  • The ‘Remember’ list is another feature of the site. Users can add profiles to this list and easily find them the next time they want to look at it.
  • ‘Who remembered me’ is also shown by the site. This allows the users to see who all has added them to their ‘remember’ list.
  • People who visited your profile is shown.
  • People who use VIP membership have a VIP list, which allows them to add people to this list and send them unlimited messages. Standard members can also be added to this list, and once they are added, they can send messages to the person for free.

Safety & Security

Polish Hearts allows only users age 18 or above to use the site. The site also has all the rights to terminate the account after sending a notice to the email provided. Profiles can get permanently terminated if found to be fake or failing the agreement. The site also does not give any refund of the membership fees in such cases. Illegal or unauthorized uses of the website are noted, and appropriate legal action is taken against the user guilty of such action. The data collected by the site during the process of signing up is stored and protected. The site also collects the contact details of the users to inform them about future events and offers.

Safety & Security

Is Polish Hearts Legit or Scam Service?

For sure, Polish Hearts are a legitimate platform for all those users who are in search of their partners. The strong security system and immediate actions against fake or scam profiles make the site unique and legit to a very high extend. If it were not trustworthy, millions of people would not have used it, and the site wouldn’t have got new users every day.

Subscription Types and Price

Premium membership of the site costs:

  • 19.99USD for a month
  • 25.98USD for three months
  • 40.02USD for six months
  • 60.00USD for a year

VIP membership costs:

  • 19.99USD for a month
  • 25.98USD for three months
  • 40.02USD for six months
  • 60.00USD for a year

Users can also go for a combination of both premium and VIP memberships. It costs:

  • 36.99USD for a month
  • 45.99USD for three months
  • 64.98USD for six months
  • 99.96USD for a year
Subscription Types and Price

Free Membership

People who have just registered to the site and have not taken any membership plans are called standard members. They can have a search through the profile and see other users but cannot make a conversation with them. They can send smileys and emoji but not text messages.

Polish Hearts offers two types of paid memberships, that is premium and VIP. Apart from this, a combination of both these memberships can also be taken. Paid members get access to all the site features like messaging, remember the list, blacklist, VIP list, etc.

Design and Usability

Although the website design is not modern and up to date, it is simple and easy to use. The colors used throughout the site are pleasant and create less stress to the eyes, so long-term use without many health issues is possible. It has a clear layout making it easy to navigate through the site. The ‘New to Polish Hearts’ list is present on the home page itself, allowing users to see newly registered people. It also shows popular profiles under the ‘Top Favorite’ list.

Mobile Application

Polish Hearts is available as a mobile app making it handy for the users. All the services available on the website are available on the mobile app too. The users can now make matches and find friends on the go. The app is available on Android phones and iPhones. The app has been rated 2.1 out of 5 and is not bad compared to other online dating apps. The app is also free to download.

Mobile Application

Contact Information

Company: Haby Internet Business Management FZ LLC

Address: BLDG A4, Office 932, Al Hamra Free Zone, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Phone: N/a

Email: [email protected]


Polish Hearts are a master among all other online dating apps to provide the best services for its users. It is something worth spending the money on and very convenient to use. All the features offered make it the best option for all those people who are looking either for matches or for friends.

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