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Russian Brides
Russian Brides
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Russian Brides
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  • The site has a user-friendly interface that makes it quite easy-to-use for everyone.
  • The default language is English, but it can be changed to the language that a user prefers.
  • The site invested a handsome amount of money in improving its scam protection system.
  • All the women registered to this site through the dating agencies are well screened. It is done to ensure that anyone looking for a genuine relationship won’t end up being dissatisfied.
  • The database has so many accounts of girls that the Russian Brides dating site has someone for everyone's preferences.
  • The site has lots of fascinating features. Live chat, translation tools, etc.
  • It provides tips for new users to learn about online dating and safety tips.
  • You can visit the site using a mobile browser.
  • Most of the features of this site are available-to-use for paid subscribers only.
  • Some profiles might be fake as agencies can themselves create some fake profiles to attract more daters.
  • The huge member base could seem time-consuming for the users to browse all the profiles.

Russian Brides is an online dating platform. It is the easiest and the most preferred way to connect with Russian and Ukrainian women to develop relationships. It has been designed keeping in mind the concept of mail-order brides. All the women present on this site are looking for foreign men they can marry and live abroad with. The security system of the Russian Brides is incredible.

This review is a complete guide to with all pros and cons of this dating site.

How does the website work?

How does the website work?

Russian Brides has female members on the site from Russia and Ukraine looking for foreign guys to marry. These profiles are registered through reputed local marriage agencies. Besides this, all the profiles are verified thoroughly to ensure that they are legit. The male members can easily get registered to the site for free. It offers a variety of options to connect to the female members on the dating platform. By being a paid member, you can access all its features, leading yourself to your life partner.

Registration and sign-in details

Registration and sign-in details

The sign-up process is very time-efficient, and it won’t take more than two minutes to get registered on this site. It can be said that the registration process is just a click away. You can choose to sign up via email or a Google account. For being a member of Russian Brides, no email verification is done; that is, it doesn’t require any approval. It is a blind spot where scammers can get in too. However, it has some other verification mechanisms. It doesn’t allow the users the option to sign up via a Facebook account.

The further profile can be updated later, which includes uploading photos and updating personal information. The user can choose to leave the information fields blank.

Profile quality

Profile quality

The profiles on Russian Brides can be made interesting by uploading pictures and personal details. The presence of lots of photos enhances the chances of being noticed. However, it is mandatory to fill in all the information that the site asks for.

All the profiles of registered girls are up-to-date with their current pictures and all the personal details. It is highly recommended for male users to update all the necessary details for a better dating experience. People like to know others’ interests and hobbies with whom they want to develop relationships, so it is advisable to fill in this information—no need to worry if you want to edit some information that you’ve updated earlier.

The details that are asked on the profiles of Russian Brides are enough to decide whether to go further in conversation.

Ways of communication

Ways of communication

It offers a variety of tools and ways to communicate with other users.

  • Live chat

This tool allows users to have private conversations with each other in their personal space. It is great to come closer to your preferred partner.

  • Cam Share

It is the webcam available on this dating platform that allows the users to have a video chat.

  • Email Me option

You can contact the female members by sending them emails to reach them directly.

  • Language option

It is necessary to understand each other’s language to have an effective conversation. Russian Brides makes sure that the language won’t create a barrier for two people interested in developing a relationship. It offers the feature to opt for other languages like Spanish, Swedish, or French if some users don’t understand English.

Distriution of members

Distriution of members

Russian Brides has a large member base. Along with registered members, the site has 12,250 unique visitors daily, which makes 367,500 monthly visitors. It has over 25,000 registered profiles of Russian and Ukrainian women who are looking for foreign men to date and marry. Most visitors to this site belong to the United States, Algeria, Netherlands, and Australia.

Eligible Age groups

The age proportion of male and female members is not uniform. The different age groups range from 18 to 55+. Most female users on this site are younger, i.e., belong to the age group of 18-34, while the older male members (35 to 55+) dominate the member base. This is because Russian women belong to such an environment in which women marry at a young age.

Sexual orientation

The male members mostly prefer to date a girl that is beautiful and attractive. The site has a lot of scope for men in this regard. All the Russian women on this site prefer to date a man that belongs to somewhere outside Russia or Ukraine. The Russian girls are not so bold or outspoken, so male members must keep this in mind while interacting. The way of living and the region to which the male member belongs plays a vital role in further developing a relationship.

The site is intended mostly for users who are genuinely interested in having a long-term relationship. However, if you are interested in some casual dating, you can still register on Russian Brides.

Descent of users

All the female users on Russian Brides belong to European descent. They are looking for males who belong outside their region. Russian women want to have a lifestyle that is way more liberal and different from their own country.

Is it religion-specific?

There is no strict obligation on religious orientation. The members of any religious background can visit Russian Brides and start dating on this platform.

Features of Russian Brides website

Features of Russian Brides website

The features of Russian Brides are not alluring or appealing. However, it has some functional features that can end you up with gorgeous European beauties. These features help you to improve your dating experience. They include:


Russian Brides brings a feature for all its members to send and receive gifts. This feature can be used to enhance the dating experience by using your credits. You can send these presents through the live chat feature.

  • Let’s mingle tool

This feature is amazing to connect with the perfect matches, especially for busy work schedules. You just need to text a message via this tool, and the site sends it to those female members that are most suitable for you.

It can be used free of cost once every 24 hours. It can be accessed by clicking the “Let’s Mingle” button.

  • Flirt

This feature is helpful for those members who are not very expressive. You can initiate a conversation by choosing the flirt option.

Is it safe to use?

Is it safe to use?

Russian Brides is a safe-to-use online dating site. It has spent a lot of money to have a great security system. It is not one of those sites that rely completely on the marriage agency to verify female members but screens all the registered profiles themselves to ensure that they are not fake. Any suspicious profile will be instantly deleted and will face strict actions. So, the site can be used for a safe dating experience.

Is Russian Brides genuine?

Russian Brides has a large number of users and claims that it has worked for many users already. This proves its legit services to all the daters. It is a trustworthy dating site because most female members are highly active and responsive.

Premium plans and prices

Most of the Russian Brides features are functional only if you subscribe to one of its premium plans. The users can choose to either buy credits or to subscribe to its monthly paid subscription. The paid membership on this dating site is pocket-friendly. The cost and duration of premium plans on Russian Brides are described below:

  • Credit system

The users can buy credits to use all the features that the site offers. 20 credits can be purchased with 2.99 USD, i.e., 0.15 USD / Credit

  • 1-month subscription

This plan, when purchased for the first time, costs 9.99 USD. After the first month, it costs 15.99/month. If the user chooses to pay 9.99 USD for the first-month subscription, then a 50% discount on future packages is granted.

The payment for these plans can be done either by credit card or directly via mobile phone.

Free services

Russian Brides has some features to offer to the free members too. They include:

  1. Registration- All the visitors can register to this dating site for free.
  2. Let’s Mingle feature- All the users can access this feature once every day.
  3. Offline messages- The unpaid users of Russian Brides can send three offline messages to 10 different people.
  4. 3-minute chats- This feature allows the registered members to have a 3-minute chat for free. It can be done ten times with ten different users.
  5. Introductory email- It is also a feature on that can be used without investing a single penny.

The features that can only be accessed by paid users on Russian Brides are:

  1. Live chat- To have unlimited video and text chats, you need to buy a Russian Brides subscription.
  2. Unlimited use of “Let’s Mingle”- After becoming a paid user, this feature can be used as many times as possible.
  3. Presents- Paid members have access to Presents also. They can gift other users by spending their credits.

First impression of the website

First impression of the website

The layout and design of the Russian Brides are quite simple. They have not used stylish design or fonts that are very appealing to site visitors. But it is inappropriate to judge its efficiency through its design. The site is dominated by a warm reddish tone that suits the background of the site. The photos of all the female users are done by professionals and are present with great lighting.

Apart from its simple design, its usability is quite simple. Everything on the site is well organized and managed, making it convenient even for the newbies. Once anyone becomes its member and familiar with its various features, they become attracted to the fact that the site is pretty appealing.

Does it offer a mobile application?

Does it offer a mobile application?

Russian Brides does not have an application that runs on mobile phones yet. However, it offers an optimized mobile version that is available to navigate through mobile phones for free. It has all the features similar to the desktop version.

The mobile version is no less than an app version. It has a better look that is compact and neatly organized. It is preferred by the users that find the desktop version less convenient in this era.

Contact details

Company: SOL Networks Limited

Address: Unit 3, 26/F Greenfield Tower, Concordia Plaza 1, Science Museum RD Tsim Sha Tsui East KL, Hong Kong

Phone: 1 (800) 480-8077

Email: [email protected]

Final note

Final note

Russian Brides is a highly reputed dating website. With its tight security system, it has won the trust of most of its users. It works well for those male members who want to date or marry Russian women. Besides this, the website is user-friendly to navigate and make the most out of it when it comes to dating. It has some features to offer for free, but with the paid membership, users can have a better dating experience that mostly results in a long-term relationship like marriage. However, it works well for those too who want to have casual dating or flirting experience. With its affordable prices, top-notch quality profiles, and security system, Russian Brides is worthy of giving it a shot.

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