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Waplog is an online dating platform where one can search for a soulmate in more than 50 countries.

Waplog Overview

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  • Users can make money even through the free version of this app.
  • It offers a simple and easy user interface.
  • The GPS tracker aids the people to hunt nearer people.
  • It is supported by desktop, iOS as well as Android. The application functions the same as that of the site.
  • User profiles are very shallow in detail.
  • It has many abandoned and fake accounts.
  • Many ads are being displayed in the free version.
  • Many members are underage.

As online dating sites and apps have become common these days, it has become difficult to choose any particular one. Among other apps, Waplog has managed to develop a steady and loyal following from users worldwide. It is a date and friend finding app, which was first launched in 2015. Some members find the lack of innovation in this site, whereas some others find it comforting.

Working of this app

Working of this app

Waplog allows you to perform a live chat. You can connect with your nearby friends using this option and get to know them more profoundly. The layout of the application is convenient and can be used by any non-tech savvy person.

Waplog is a platform designed for people to find the love they are searching for. You can meet new people and fall in love. You can also hunt people ready for casual hookups. This is why it is one of the most trending applications across the world these days.

Signing Up, Account Registration and Logging in

Users need to search Waplog on their browser. A page will open up, and an account registration can be seen on the right-hand side.

While filling the form, it asks for the username and then the password. Registration is finished by entering a valid email and all necessary details and finally clicking on ‘Register for free.’ However, registration can also be using a FB profile. You just have to click on the FB symbol available on the site, and login to the same. The system will accordingly fill all your details and build up a nice profile.

There are three significant ways to sign in to the site, and they are:

  • Waplog Facebook Login

To sign in to a Waplog account using Facebook, one can tap on “Connect with Facebook” and confirm the username; then Next and enter the password.

  • Usage of the app

One can launch the app from the google play store and download it for free. Users can install the app and always sign in with it.

  • Signing from the website

Members can go to the site, tap on login, enter either their email address or registered username. Insert their password and click on login.

Members interfacing with profiles

Members interfacing with profiles

Waplog users view detailed profiles of several people without any cost. Notifications are sent once a member visits or like any profile. Only approved profile images get displayed to other members.

However, the profile information can be changed later. Setting up a profile would only take a few minutes through their user-friendly interface. The profile information also helps to find the person who would be most compatible, and it would become easier to interact with them after viewing their profiles.

Matching and chatting

The chatting option is free in the application. If anybody has a Prime account, it is more effective. Prime users are given first preference in the search, though regular users are also detectable there, provided they qualify the provided criteria. Now, the best part is the parameters saved in the profile will by themselves determine the people being presented.

Users can converse with different members without paying a single penny. The live chatroom can connect you with the desired user in real-time. If a user finds a profile interesting they can click on a CTA button and initiate the connection.

You can also connect your social media profiles with the same. This way the users can get a more transparent look over your authenticity and personality. You can connect your Twitter as well as a Facebook account with the dating profile.

User preferences and statistics

Waplog is mostly popular with men, but the range of members is very diverse. In the UK, there are 30,789 members, and in the USA, there are 6,000,000 members. It gets 21,000 logins per day. The gender ratio of Male: Female is 13:7.

Users age

Waplog ensures it’s usage to only users who are 18 years of age and older.

Sexual preferences

Waplog never lets anyone get discriminated against. It is a policy of the company to allow people of different sexual orientation to sign-up and find their perfect partner.

Race As well as Ethnicity

The Waplog stage is a worldwide kinship and dating administration. There are people from each spot far and wide. So, the diversity of races can be found here.

Religious Orientation

Religious Orientation

Waplog accepts all users belonging from any religion. It does not discriminate on the basis of religion. The system is built to bring people from across the world together and get themselves the love they deserve.

Features included in Waplog dating

The brand new Story feature in Waplog allows users to take short videos and share them by uploading them to their profiles. A member can upload a story that is visible to other members present on the portal. It’s temporary and it will get automatically deleted after a duration of 24 hours. This feature allows everyone to share about their day.

There are also several additional features:

  • By befitting a paid member on the site of Waplog, members enjoy a substantial benefit over the rest of the users. Such users will dominate the search results. They can enjoy an advertisement-free browsing experience.
  • The site uses the information provided by members to get suitable matches.

Users privacy policy

Waplog has employed a team that is composed of specified experts to look after the proceedings of the portal. The site does all that could be within reach to keep unapproved people from getting to client data. Clients can likewise impede and report any individual taking part in vindictive exercises. In case a person is involved in any kind of spam or scam activities the same will be deleted at the very moment. The website has a zero-tolerance policy for those creating a nuisance over the website. Hence, if you want to sign up on the portal, be assured that the team will make sure that you have a legit dating experience.

Legitimacy of Waplog

Waplog is an appropriate portal for those searching for real life dating. It is not a scam.It gives an agreeable method of meeting various people, making companions, and finding a daily existence accomplice. The organization does all that could be within reach to offer a protected help.

Nonetheless, it is infrequently conceivable to have a trick free online stage. The con artists are difficult to distinguish. Clients need to try not to impart their private subtleties to individuals they meet. In the event that somebody expects them to give him/her cash, it is likewise a sign that they plan to take from them. Such individuals ought to get obstructed and detailed. Waplog uphold delegates will guarantee to boycott such clients. Prohibiting will keep different individuals from turning out to be casualties.

Waplog is one of the best and legit social dating sites available in the market. You can log in to the same website and enjoy an ample amount of features. So open the website and start hunting for your true love today!

Subscribed users

Subscribed users

The portal offers a paid fellowship with monthly or weekly payments. As a user, you can enjoy most of the attributes by buying coins from the site and not the actual paid membership.

Free membership

While registering on Waplog, it gives 40 coins/credits as a newbie gift. The aforementioned will allow members to initiate user chatting, meeting, and other features of the app. There are other things which you can enjoy as well, but for that, you need to buy the coins.

A paid member gets a diversity of advantages:

  • They can start countless chats.
  • Ads won’t interrupt them.
  • They will always dominate the top results.
  • They can see the ones that liked their profile.
  • They also get discounts and excellent credit offers.

The points and coins available over the portal can be used like cash by the users. You can use the same to connect with other users, send them gifts, as well as have live webcam chats over the site.

Waplog grants a paid membership with tons of pros; users can acquire them anywhere anytime from their mobile and save their money while purchasing in bulk –

Duration Costs
one week $2.99
one month $ 9.99 per month
three months $7.99 per month
One year 4.75 USD per month

Theme and Design

Waplog app and the website design are very simple and quite catchy. Click and tap buttons show all that the members would use in searching or interacting with new friends. The downside is in the free membership; ads appear each time users click or tap on a certain button to navigate.

Waplog has its built-in chat feature. Once members have a suggested match or have viewed a profile they like, they can click the chat icon and automatically be directed to a personal chat window. To know if the person they selected to chat with us online, a small green button appearing beside their name will indicate that they are.

Mobile application

The Waplog app is available to download on all portable devices of iOS and Android and provides a great browsing experience for people wanting to date or interact. People may join via email or Facebook. While registering through Facebook, your information will be imported, so one doesn’t have to worry about adding all of their information. The application doesn’t need any amount. It even capacities as the work area adaptation. Clients will likewise get cautions when somebody prefers their record, as on the PC site. With the portable stage, they can make companions or discover some to date from any spot.

Contact information

Contact information

Company: Waplog VLMedia, Inc.

Address: Universiteler Mahallesi Ihsan Dogramacı Bulvarı Gumus Blok NO:29 B K1-1 ODTU TEKNOKENT CankayaAnkara TURKEY

Phone: +90(312)2101777

Email: [email protected]


Waplog is a unique option for those looking into online dating. The site has been offering the administration for quite a while now. The site is fun and easy to use. Despite the fact that there are very few extraordinary capacities, the majority of its offers are free. Along these lines, individuals can gain admittance to practically all the highlights they need to get a match. Likewise, regardless of whether there are phony clients on the site, enrolled clients are many, delivering it conceivable to get real individuals that meet your prerequisites. In this way, at whatever point individuals want a straightforward and moderate fellowship and dating on the web administration, they should check the Waplog webpage out. The design, theme, and properties make it one of the best dating applications in the market. It stands out from its competitors and gains a distinct image in the dating industry because of the benefits it provides to the customers.

Indeed, the designers have presented the latest and perfect method to assemble a dating portal. Waplog stands out of the well known traditional dating applications by bridging the best attributes of social media apps and dating sites. The mixture of these two worlds makes it very efficient. A buyer gets each of this entertainment as that a social media and dating site combined.

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